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The Plutonians are boldly letting the usurpers know we were here first. Seriously, we have some cool 80s Songs!

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The Plutonians Live - 1981 Flagpole Hill

The Plutonians Live - 1981 Flagpole Hill

Pluto Store

Pluto Store

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WISYLO - Demo Songs

WiSylo - Demo Song Mixes

All wi-sylo house electronica songs are still in work...

My 2015 playlist

Never Land
You Read My Mind

My 2014 free playlist

Arpeggiator Arto Vaarala-Kirnu v.1
Arpeggiator Arto Vaarala-Kirnu v.2 (alt intro and end)
Natural Disaster v2
Natural Disaster v3

80s Songs - New Year's Eve 1981

Talking Space Online

Talking Space Online

Hi - Keep up with Sawyer Rosenstein and crew as they share a podcast about celestial news. Enjoy free open exchange of all things spaceflight.

Hey Sawyer and team

If you read this, and I hope you do... I have a topic for your podcast:
  1. I want to know the real "why" behind downgrading Pluto to a mere dwarf planet.
  2. Who are they, anyway?
  3. What do they really have against Pluto, huh?

Not surprisingly, the team at Talking Space Online took my questions and answered them here (Starts at 41:30):
Episode 508: Rovers and Couples Seeing Red - Thanks team!

Visit Talking Space Online
With Gina Herlihy, Gene Mikulka, Mark Ratterman and Sawyer Rosenstein.



wisylo demo songs


WISYLO Mix 1 is a free house beats mix using Mackie Tracktion 3. It consists of 3 tracks mixed at different times, and building on with the next. Mixing the tracks into one involved shifting the tracks in time to sync up the end and beginning of each mix, matching the levels in the cross-fade, and so on...

The ending is a simple twist. I pulled an interesting section, repeated it 5 times, allowed for 2 delay beats, and put the original end on the new end. I also used extensive delays to provide the odd syncopation. The intent is to create kind of a cluttered melody that the mind wants to resolve... and then resolving it in the end.

Give this free house beat a try!


Radio Pictures

A TEN YEAR ODYSSEY - Radio Pictures

© Michael Baughman - 1991

    Free mp3 download: You're The Girl


    On the day we met it was love at first sight
    I saw it in a dream that I had last night
    It told me a story of what love can do
    It showed me the girl to make it come true

    You're the girl that drives me so
    You're the girl

    I've dreampt so many times except they never materialize

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